The new blog team



The new team!

Ammarah Motala 6SI – Editor says ” I’m touched”                                               Dylan Rana 6EW- Editor says ” I’m proud to be an editor”
Jack Sloan 6EW
Alfie Ingram 5SF
Matthew Van Wyk 6AB
Ronak Lotto 6AB
Joshua Greaves 5PP

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We are the Humbo Blog Frogs! We love keeping you upto date with what is going on in and around our school. Please read our blog and have fun looking at the pictures. We love to read your comments so please let us know what you think about the blog! We are loving being involved with quadblogging and have been partnered with schools in England, Australia and America! Have a look on their websites too! Thanks!! HumboBlogFrogs x

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