Project Based Learning is Fab!


At Humberstone Junior Academy we have started “Project Based Learning”. This means that instead of learning about different subjects and topics we all complete a project. PBL is brilliant because you get to learn all about things around you, and get to work with different experts which means that our work is just like the experts!
Each year group is doing a different project. Year 6 are doing Who am I? Year 5 are doing, Why do we live in Leicester? Year 4 are doing why are trees important? And year 3 are doing a project called wings.
In the year 5 project we are learning all about why people live in Leicester, and why they might have chosen to live here. To find out we made some questionnaires and went into town, and to all different places to ask people questions about why they live in Leicester. We did our own research to find out peoples reasons. It was really good because we got to speak to lots of different people that we wouldn’t’ normally. We are learning all about some houses that are being built near us and we went to Redrow and Hamilton to see what is happening there. We went to where they are building and we looked at the different types of houses that they are building. We got wet because it was raining but we still had fun! We are learning about these houses because we are going to plan our own new town and make a 3d model. We are working with experts from the Thurmaston Urban Extension and we are working together to help to make better plans. We are also helping them with street names and a name for the new town. This project is great because we get to go out to do loads of things and we speak with experts all of the time. We are helping the experts by giving them lots of ideas for the houses they are making.
The year 3s are learning all about wings. They went to London to see butterflies at the Natural History Museum. It was a long way, but the butterflies landed all over everybody so it was definitely worth it! The butterflies were all different colours and sizes and types. The pictures are all on twitter and they look brilliant! In the year 3 classrooms there were butterfly houses. Inside the houses they had caterpillars and they watched them change into cocoons and then butterflies. The year 3 children then released the butterflies to be kind, it wouldn’t be nice to keep them in the classroom forever. Year 3 have learnt lots of different things about butterflies and can use lots of big words that even the year 6 children might not know!
We will tell you about year 6 and year 4 next week!
By Reece March and Keira Carter

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