P.L.T trip to Gotham Primary



On Friday 30th March the P.L.T, went toGotham primary to experience how it would be like on the R.M.S Titanic. As we arrived at the school we walked in the assembly hall and showed them our outfit. Miss Robinson then split us in groups. My group was the first to get there pictures done.


Some of us then stayed in the hall to dance like poor people and rich people. We moved to a different classroom to look at books and artifacts. We went for our break straight after that lesson; playtime was enjoyable because of the equipment. We then traveled to another classroom to see if we could be able to float our paper boats and display a lot of cubes on the boat, it was great fun. We then went for lunch, theGothamchildren had fish fingers and waffles (Instead of chips), and for dessert they had ice cream and jelly (NO FAIR). Then we went inside and made Titanic flags, plates and we also cut out some headlines that linked to the Titanic from some newspapers and stuck them to a painted blanket. Then the whole of P.L.T went to the library and waited for the buss. The kind head teacher kindly waved good bye to us.

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