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Here at Humberstone Junior School, we learn about different topics throughout the year in a subject called Connection Curriculum (CC). Our CC topic ‘connects’ to other subjects (Literacy, Science etc.) to improve there knowledge and understanding of that particular topic.

The current topics for each year group are:

• Year 3-Chocolate
• Year 4-Rainforests
• Year 5- The Lost Thing
• Year 6- World War 2 / Goodnight Mister Tom!

We really enjoy these topics, and these are new so we are really excited about them.

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  •    Miss Williams  |  October 2nd, 2012 at 16:57     

    Dear Blogfrogs
    It is great to see you updating the blog with our curriculum topics for this term and I am glad to see that you are excited about your learning. I would love to see some examples of childrens work. Maybe you could interview some children to find out what they they are excited about? Keep up the blogging. I love to read your posts.
    Miss Williams

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