Able Writers Day


On Tuesday 17th January 2012, a few of our gifted children invited to AbbeyPrimary School to take part in an able writers day. There were two other schools involved. Once they arrived they met the poet Adisa who worked with them creating poetry throughout the day. They then introduced themselves to each other by saying their name and describing how we felt by using an animal. For example “my name is Dylan and I feel like a monkey because I’m crazy about the day to come.”


Firstly, the group had to pick a place they called home and describe it as if it was a person. After that, the writers then had to write a kenning poem about their most precious item in our house.

   After lunch they came back in to write another poem. This time it was a treasure map. They had to draw a basic bird’s eye view of our house and travel through it as if it was something completely different. For example if your hallway had lots of photos and pictures, it would become the art gallery. Our poem had to lead us to the room with our most precious item in.


Once they had finished our treasure map, they did a poetry slam. A poetry slam is like a competition, they had to put expression and actions into the favourite poem they wrote and read it in front of everyone.

 Reported By Dylan Rana

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