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In year 3 we have been learning about the Vikings. We thought about what it would be like to be a farmer in a small village in England during the Viking invasions. We thought carefully about how we might feel, and what we would be thinking. 

“Imagine you are a farmer gathering herbs to make medicines. Walking along the river bank you hear the sound of creaking oars and curses in a strange strong language. Through the reeds you peer and see long wooden ships approaching. It has a prow carved like a dragon, inside the boat are fierce looking men. Battle scarred warriors, armed with swords and axes….”

Dear diary

Today was absolutely horrifying! I got attacked by Vikings and they invaded our land. Before the nasty Vikings charged, I dropped my things and hid in a group of big long bushes. I heard those terrible Vikings saying strong curses like, “They will invade my land!” I got even more scared after that. As they came onto the land I closed my eyes hoping they won’t catch me. Then I opened my eyes and I looked around there were burnt homes and baby’s crying for parents!

The Vikings wore rusty old clothes and they had two horns on their helmets! Their helmets looked like a brown rusty piece of treasure. They carried long shiny swords as well. Then as the Vikings searched our village they caught me and took me…

By Amelia 3SB

Dear Diary,

Today I was terrified because the Vikings invaded my little farm. Before the Vikings attacked, I was looking for herbs for my medicines.

Meanwhile, Vikings were sailing on their long boats.  I hid behind a bush and in front of their boats, on the prow there was a dragon on it. I peered, through the bush, to see what the Vikings were doing on the beach next to my farm.

They were very tall with sharp pointy swords and axes. They even had big shields to fight. They were growling and cursing. I couldn’t believe how huge they were. They were coming to our village for money and food.

I though they were going to hurt me because they looked big and mean.

Malachi Carter 3SB

Dear  Diary

Thise evening at tweleve oclock I was making some mouvales medison Witch  means I was gathering some herbs to make my medison. When I heard a strange sound that I haven’t  heard before . But it sounded very so I hid, as quick as flash . But when I spied in the bushes I saw Vikings on a long ship that had a dragon moulded in to the wooden boat .My heart was beating because when I was little I had been taught that Vikings just go in  your house with out your potion.

Mohisha 3SB

Dear Diary,

Today has been horrifying because I was just collecting all my herbs too make medicine and all of a sudden I heard “Charge and let the battle begin”.  I was so terrified and the Vikings were just putting their axes in the other Vikings also they was hurting each of them I just wanted to stop them it was really terrifying .The Vikings was wearing helmets and on there .Helmets was horns it took me a long time to think were they had the horns from and then It just popped up in my head they where they was actually made I quickly ran to my house and locked the door someone was banging on my door. Luckily  I escaped someone banged on my door I didn’t answer it because I thought it was a Viking. I looked at the window but quickly jumped away because like I said I thought it was a Viking but that person didn’t have horns or a helmet on him he was more than scared so I said come in. Then more than 14 people came in because the Vikings had smashed all of their property the Vikings didn’t find us for 1 hour because lots of people kept coming in. That’s why the Vikings saw the people who kept coming in I was frightened actually .More than frightened every word that’s a scared feeling I just wanted my mum right with me



How might you feel if you were a farmer whose village was being invaded? What would you be thinking?

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  •    Mrs Boast  |  April 2nd, 2013 at 17:02     

    Some super diaries 3SB – very proud of you all!
    You are such faaaaaaaaaaantastic writers!
    Mrs Boast 🙂

  •    humboblogfrogs  |  March 18th, 2013 at 13:01     

    Thanks Aaminah, we appreciate all of your posts and are very happy that you enjoy our posts!
    Thanks Humberstone blog frogs.

  •    amelia holyoak  |  March 5th, 2013 at 18:41     

    i just want to say thankyou to mrs boast and everyother teacher who put my work on the blog and thank you sooo mutch mrs boast for making my mother proud of me

  •    Aaminah Takolia  |  March 4th, 2013 at 20:15     

    Wow, the blog is clearly updated and there is lots more reading that I can enjoy on the blog! The year 3’s look like they have been working very hard on their diarys finding out what kind of different adjectives, adverbs and verbs they can find and put into their work, I personally enjoyed reading them myself, they are all fantastic! I love all the posts on the blog and hope to see more!

  •    ROHAN PATEL  |  March 4th, 2013 at 18:38     

    Wow these Diaries are amazing , but they are scary

  •    Thaila5MW  |  March 4th, 2013 at 17:35     

    nice diarys year 3 well done!!

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