What is the refugee crisis? Year 5 exhibition

1 Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture6 Capture56At the beginning of January 2016, Year 5 began to learn about Refugees.  Since then, we’ve been looking at refugees and their struggle to come to a safe place, like the UK. We have been looking at the world map and locating where most people have been fleeing from and what the dangers are whilst travelling from country to country. Lots of places have put up borders and are ignoring the desperate cries of help from these refugees.

This is a very heartfelt project and requires lots of empathy to understand it. The only things these people want is a safe place which many of us take for granted. Among these refugees are young children. One Thursday, the year 5’s met Naeem Brisco. Before he came to see us, we researched his previous work with refugees. We are working with Naeem to create aid boxes for refugees. We will be including hats, scarves, gloves, toiletries, soft toys and activities.

One of our final outcomes for this project is to create books for child refugees to welcome them to Leicester. Every class is working on a book; we are in small groups and have different focuses for the pages inside the book. We are looking forward to completing it.

Written by Ellie-Mae & Muumbe

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Harry Potter fun in year 5!

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Welcome to Hogwarts!

We are loving reading Harry Potter as our new novel!

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Year 6 Residential!

At Humberstone Junior Academy, year 6 had been working very hard for SATs. After all their hard work, 47 children went on the exciting trip to Ambleside. If you don’t know where Ambleside is, I’ll tell you! Ambleside is in the Lake District, Cumbria.

After a 4 hour coach journey, pupils and teachers alike were very hungry but first the luggage had to be put into the rooms! Once everyone was unpacked, they went outside to have lunch. Then the children were free to do what ever they wanted to a certain extent. At dinner there was a choice of 3 meals. After a long day everyone was ready for bed!

The next day was also very exciting! For breakfast the children had a choice of a full English or cereal. After breakfast it was time for the activities to take place. They were absailing, canoeing and kayaking or a geography day trip in the beautiful town of Ambleside. At night time it was a choice of 3 meals again and that was the same everynight.

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday but you did the other activities.

On Thursday, all 47 children and 5 adults went on a very long guided walk around a hill/small mountain. Everybody was extremely tired afterwards but the teachers bought everyone an ice cream. Then it was time for dinner and bed. Some people started packing so that they had less work to do the next morning.

On Friday morning they had breakfast and packed the rest of their belongings. Then they got on the coach and left off for Leicester. Their parents were waiting for them at school and they were allowed to take their children when a final head count had been done and all of the luggage was off the coach. 

It’s not only yr6 that go on residential, yr4 and yr5 go on a 2 night and 3 day residential. We hope that everyone going on that residential have a brilliant and safe time! 🙂

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Year 4 New Project – Space

Year 4’s new summer term project turned out to be space. The main question is ,what technology is used to find out about space? We started off by paying a surprise visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester to find out about life in space.  

We went to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium to watch a show about life in space and how dangerous space is without the proper training and tools.

Next we went upstairs and learnt about launching rockets into space and men who have walked on the moon. There were four levels and we climbed 148 stairs to reach the highest level and got a view of the rocket tower.

We ended the day by reading a book about aliens in space.

Our next lesson was on researching three of the planets. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. You would rotate through the three year 4 classes and every day you would learn about a different planet and record it in different ways.

By Milly Kotecha

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The design your dream school results

The results are in for the design your dream school competition. for year 3+4: 1st place was Muumbe;’s Group! 2nd place was Maddie Sullivan! 3rd place was then Suchi Solani! For 5+6: 1st place drawn with Khadijah Jassat+ Felicity Hill and Xavier Woolerton + Karis Decan. 2nd place was Kasheesh, Dhruv and Muhammad. 

Humbo Blog Frogs.

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